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Satan Is Very Crafty and Tricky It's Your Job To Resist

    This is a subject that is very important. How to resist evil. Satan is very subtle, crafty, tricky and tries to make you believe it’s from you.
   If you have feelings of something that is wrong, rebuke it. You may think that these are your feelings and they could be but demons use your feelings and enhance them making them much stronger so you think they are your feelings coming from you and you act upon them not knowing you were being influence and tricked into thinking they were your feelings. So always take the time to rebuke what is bothering you.
   I’ve done this many times and felt better.
   Demons want you to think the feelings are your so you don’t resist them.
   My problem was anger, my daughter was murdered and it took me over ten years to get out of my anger. I started realizing my thoughts were not lining up with biblical behavior, and I knew I needed to change them. I started rebuking my anger and it went away.
   So my brothers and sisters just try this, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Someone Who Cares


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How To Be Safe From Satan's Attacks

I hold the call of God at the top of all blessings. The comfort of the holy spirit is priceless, to rely on God for all that is needed, also priceless.
God wants only the best for his children and he will provide all that is needed, he asks only that you put him first and follow what he asks you to do.
   He told the Israelite's he would protect them and bless them with all they needed if they would keep the laws he gave them and worship only him.
The laws of God are not bad, they bring peace and happiness. They are for our protection against Satan.
   When you keep these laws he can’t harm you, when you break them your all his to do with what he wants.
   All the pain suffering killing etc... Could all be gone if we were to live by these laws!
   Why? Why? Why can’t we just do it?

Someone Who Cares

The Blessings of Being A Child of God's

In this letter I want to thank and give praise to God for his calling to make me a child of his.
This is a wonderful life to have to be in the care of God, not having to worry about things. It is such a blessing to have God in you life.
I am constantly amazed that God called me, and I feel I’m the luckiest person to ever have lived. I do have troubles and I go to God with them and he fixes everything so wonderfully. Sometimes I think they can’t be fixed, but I put no limit on God’s power (because is has none) I know he can do anything. Maybe it’s something he wants me to go through for growth.
I am constantly amazed at the strong and wonderful love God has for his creation and I’m so happy I get to have him in my life now.

Someone Who Cares

Letter to and only for God’s Children

In a phone conversation with my pastor I was told of a man who God gave a message to, to give a church group. The man gave the message and it was rejected.

I asked what was this about and was told God was trying to call them out of false teachings and into his truth, but they felt perfect where they were and didn’t think they needed to change.

My heart broke, I was so sad for this group that God was trying to wake up.

The parable of the 7 virgins states only one of the 7 is awake, in Rev. 2 and 3 of the church groups, only one is keeping the commandments and will not be punished, the rest are asleep, not worshiping God correctly and God will try to wake them up through severe trials, those that will not will be thrown into the lake of fire.

Now you see why me heart is so sad.

God pleads over and over with his children to follow him and choose life.

I already know this letter will not do much, but I’m trying anyway, just the thought of someone losing there immortal life in God’s f…