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Don't Be Deceived

Letter to God’s Children

Why do you let yourself be deceived?
Do you know what wonderful things await you? How can you let demons take this away from you. Wake up! Start living right. Follow God’s laws, I’m not saying they will get you into the Kingdom, that is only by the blood of Jesus that this door of immorality has been open to us.
But we do need to become love these laws teach how to become love.
I may sound angry, and I am angry. It makes me very mad to see Christians say they love and serve God, but they worship Satan by keeping Sunday, Christmas, Easter etc...
Nowhere in the bible are these days taught or said to be observed!
What is taught is that we should not use pagan practices to worship our God with! We should worship him the way he says for us to.
For me to say this seems foolish, this stuff should be so far away from God’s children by now, but I still see people trying to make it seem like there nothing wrong with observing Christmas, that they are doing it for God. DON’T BE DECEIVED! Satan is very cleaver.

Someone Who Cares


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The Impossible Has Been Made Possible

The impossible, some say when something is very hard that it’s impossible, but they somehow made it happen. So it wasn’t really impossible.
   The impossible I will tell you about was totally impossible and would never have happened.
Becoming a child of God, now that would have never happened without the blood of Jesus, NEVER!
The blood of animals doesn’t take away sin it only sets it aside, there was no door there was nothing, Jesus IS the door and he opened it to us.
   The gift he has given us is priceless it’s unimaginable at this time to know all that he has done for us.
   He’s the only one to have lived a sinless life, that no one on earth could ever have done, it was impossible for us to accomplish this. He has make the impossible possible. Jesus will be praised forever.

Someone Who Cares

Come Out Of Your Slumber

So maybe your asking how am I asleep and not worshiping God correctly?
Do you celebrate Christmas?
Do you attend church on Sunday?
Do you celebrate Easter? And a host of other non-biblical holidays?
By doing this you are in fact worshiping Satan the devil. These are pagan religious days for celebrating their false god who was Satan and his demons.
All this you can find for yourself. Study prove what your worshiping, the holy spirit will lead you to truth.

Someone Who Cares

I highly recommend reading
Synagogue of Satan and Doctrines of Demons
by Bud Cocherell

Resist Evil

Letter to God’s Children

    Some people say if there’s a God why does he allow all this evil to exit? It he’s a God of love why did he create a devil?
   If God didn’t allow evil to exist none of us would be here. Not one of us! He lets evil exist because he gave us the right to make our own choices. We can choose between good and bad. And sad to say we have all sinned.
   When he created Lucifer, he was a good, beautiful and one of the top angel, ( he also gave angels the right to choose). And he decided to rebel against God and become evil. It seems God can use him right now, because he brings out what’s hidden inside us.
   God has given us the way to be safe and happy, he has left a book called the Bible to teach us how. If we resist evil it will flee from us.
   My son once had a dream, he was standing at the sea shore looking out at the water. In his dream the ocean represented the devils world and sin, if he went in the water, or even just touched it, Satan could do to …